Who are we?

We are a group of four material scientists engineers. We conducted a survey among family and friends to determine the percentage of people who are satisfied with the costs of the products in proportion to their market materials, and it did not exceed 40%. So, our commitment to the completion of our project grew, and we began with our initial design, “The Orca Pot” and tested it for a while until we were confident of its success, at which point we decided to start sharing it with you.

Our Story

Our project ‘s idea mainly came after our team spent months of constant market research for multi-use products that aid with daily living, all we found was either high-quality overpriced materials, or cheap but low-quality materials.

We thought and thought till we came up with the idea of starting our own project that is specialized in the production of smart products, and smart products here are anything that helps making life easier and more economical no matter whether it’s electronic or not. And once our very first product design was out, we thought, why don’t we share our idea with you so that we can all benefit from it and have a better life.